The REAL Meaning of Christmas

Wanted to share this poem from my co-worker, Kathy Chrostowski.


The Real Meaning of Christmas

I used to think Christmas came with a bow
There had to be gifts for all the folks that I know
Decorations and lights and holiday snow
Bigger and better each year it would grow
I’d do Christmas crafts and shop for a deal
I’d make all the cookies, the best Christmas meal
My house all aglow, the love that I feel
I’d share with the world – that was the appeal.
Expectations arose, that’s what happens when you
Try to out best your own best, eventually to
Find that it really isn’t working for you
Maybe you haven’t been thinking things through.
So I stepped back as I watched all the ads on TV
Screaming and yelling “You need this, buy me!”
“Get a new car, it’s practically free!”
“Your life’s not complete unless you can buy three!”
And I realized suddenly all of this stress
Comes from my own selfish need to impress
The people who already love me, I guess,
Leaving my financial life a big mess.
Deciding this year, I’d try something new
I’ll pare down the gifts from many to few
I’ll only do that which I have time to do
And try to find meaning for Christmas that’s true.
No matter your faith, your race or your creed,
No matter what color of blood that you bleed
Christ came for us all, He is all that we need
His love is not measured by how we succeed.
But by how we love back, which often depends
On common ground, not on how much one spends
Make sure that the love in your heart never ends
And you’ll find Christmas joy in your family and friends.
— By Kathy Chrostowski

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