The Bright Spots – Weekly Roundup, September 18, 2015

Hello Countryside Family!
It’s Friday, it has been a beautiful week out, and I fully expect to see some of this later on today:
A BIG congrats to DEBRA PHILLIPS and ANITA PELLETIER for an EXCELLENT job with our Golf Outing this past Wednesday!  Many staff stepped up to help in this huge event at the Mason Golf Center. Mother Nature couldn’t have been more cooperative.  Thanks to all who helped with this fun day.
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So you wanna be a lifeguard?  Well guess what!  Nate Brestelli has you covered.  He is offering a class that will get you certified: Dates and times of the class:
10/29 5-9p
10/30 5-10p
10/31 9-3p
11/5 5-9p
11/6 5-10p
11/7 9-3p
If you are between 16-99 years old, I urge you to pick up a black lifeguard folder from the front desk, and complete all online learning prior to coming to class.  You will look amazing in a red bathing suit.
Last but not least, I want to give some love to our staff over in LANDEN.  Since I started here in June, I’ve heard wonderful things about the Landen staff and had the occasion to attend one of their staff meetings to verify this for myself.   I was excited to hear from Erin Smith this week.  Erin is a fitness instructor at Landen who has the most amazing positive energy, and we are thrilled to have her on our staff! She had this to say about her co-workers:
“I LOVE my Y!  We are one big happy family here and I can’t imagine my life or my children’s lives without the Landen Y in it! Amy Hosier is the director in child watch and is absolutely AMAZING and truly loves what she does! When we first introduced her to my oldest and told her of his conditions, she assured me that they would take the best of care and would be willing to do anything they could to make him (and I) comfortable!  She has such a wonderful heart and truly loves every child that comes into our facility.
Next up, Hillary, Hillary is one of our trainers and also works at the front desk!  She greets EVERY member with a smile and truly believes in the Y and what we are all about!
Last, Bill…..what can I say about Bill Allen!  Other than he is AMAZING!  Bill has become like my big brother and the uncle that I always wanted for my boys!  He also LOVES this Y and the members and it truly shows! “
Lebanon, Landon, Little Miami, Clinton-Massie, Otterbein, Donovan Elementary, Louisa Wright… you are all important pieces of the puzzle that is our mission.
The truth is:
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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