We Are Daughters

A gorgeous post. Certainly a Bright Spot.

eventually eb

Today I read a post called “We Are Mothers” (you can find it here). Being at that awkward point in life of halfway grown up, I find myself getting much more emotional thinking about things like home, specifically the woman who is home: mom.

So in response to the cry of exhaustion and the tone of joy that comes from “We Are Mothers” (you may want to read that first!) and the move in date for my second year of college quickly approaching, here is We Are Daughters:

We are the girls who come home to a welcoming hug after a long day of school. We are the girls who think too much about friend drama and a bad grade on a paper. We are the girls who let such little things weigh us down because you’ll never let anything big take its place.

We are daughters.

We know…

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