“A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of Every Brave Man.” — Turkish Quote

tswalu1 tswalu2  tswalu6 tswalu5

I don’t usually post statements on stories like these, but following the awful news of the killing of Cecil the Lion, I felt compelled to share my sorrow over this painful situation.  I was fortunate enough to observe these magnificent creatures in 2011 when our family traveled to the Tswalu resort in the Kalahari game preserve in South Africa.  I fell in love.  Though I come from a family of small game hunters, I have never understood the appeal of trophy hunting.

As Wesley J. Smith stated in a post on National Review, “Trophy hunting, in my opinion is killing for ego..The method of Cecil’s killing caused significant suffering for no reason other than to put a thrill up the hunter’s spine. Poaching is wrong. Period. Unless one is starving, I can think of no excuse for it.”

(Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/human-exceptionalism/421765/jail-cecils-poaching-killer-wesley-j-smith)

Godspeed Cecil, the world is a little less beautiful without you in it.


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