Y Value – Compassion in Action

Received on Monday, June 15
Hi, Judy (Bauer) is a very caring and compassionate person, and this is just another example of that.
We had a member, about 19, who was expecting the Warren County transit to pick him up and take him to his job in South Lebanon. Unfortunately, they did not come, we called for him, and they would not come to pick him up. His was in quite a dilemna, on how to get to work. He had recently started this job, and did not want to loose it. Once Judy became aware of the situation, she offered to drive him to work. She was concerned about a female staff driving a young adult, so Nate accompanied her. Here it is, about 4 on Friday afternoon, and she puts aside her work to help out this young man.
I just thought that was so considerate of her and wanted to share it with you. She probably would not want everyone to know, but it is an awesome story about our staff going above and beyond to help a stranger.

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